Silicon Tornado was a game company formed by college roommates David Bergan and Matt Blume in 2002. Together they created one game, Alpha Blast, for Windows computers which sold about 50 copies worldwide. David and Matt went on to successful careers in other areas and the company dissipated a few years after it started.

I'm pretty sure the reason the game failed is because we never clearly stated in the game that you have to press the spacebar to blast away the words...

For anyone who is interested, Alpha Blast and its music is available to download and enjoy for free from this website.

Alpha Blast full game, should be playable on any Windows computer (developed with DirectX 7)

Title Music
Lexicographical Spy
Twilight In Paradise
Word Ninja


How do I blast the words away?


Can I still submit scores to the internet?


Windows throws up warning messages when I try to install. Does this have viruses, spamware, bloatware, spyware, or another kind of malware?

Of course not.

The install file here is the same one from 2004. The company that made the installer program is no longer in business, and this install file is so old that it was made before Windows started asking for certificates that verify a program's authenticity. Alpha Blast will still install fine, but you'll have to bypass those warnings to get to the game.